What does Manny’s mean to you?

To us, it means family. It mean freshness. It means authenticity.

We’re family owned, family run and our menu draws upon generations of our family’s cooking, travel and shared experiences between loved ones. Experiences that all began with the man himself.


Part man. Part moustache. Full-time legend.

At age 8 Manny came to Australia on a boat with nothing but his brother Constantine and cherished memories of village-style cooking from home. It was a rough start for the boys, but the migrant community was strong, loyal and loving, and soon enough they’d developed a diverse group of close-knit friends from all around the world.

They swapped stories, they swapped toys and – best of all – they swapped recipes. Home cooking with fresh produce was all any of them knew, and with each new culture added to the mix, so too came the new foods. Being an Italian neighbourhood, it was pizzas first. Juicy tomato bases on homemade dough and only the best toppings, they were flipped over backyard fences like delicious 6-and-outs. Then, at age 12, Manny tried his first Philly Steak. It was love at first bite. The dripping cheese, that thinly sliced steak (scotch fillet, no less!?), those capsicums, onions and mushrooms – all perfectly seasoned! They were a revelation.

Manny’s eyes were opened, and a dream was born. As the years went by, his passion and love of food never dwindled, inspiring him to share these flavours with everyone– not just his neighbourhood and friends.

And that’s the Manny story, but only so far. It’s nowhere near finished, and he’d love you to come make yourself a part of the next chapter.









Flavour meets freshness in this healthy take on an old favourite. Philadelphians Pat and Harry Olivieri might’ve invented the Philly Cheese Steak, but our Manny perfected it,  combining juicy, grass-fed Scotch fillet, crispy free-range chicken or freshly-sourced veggies with fresh lettuce, tomato, mayo and that sumptuous American cheese.


Flexibility’s the name of the game when it comes to Manny’s pizzas. You can pick up, or we can deliver. You can choose from our tantalising menu, or mix and match toppings to create your own delicious masterpiece. Whatever the choice, the result is a freshly-made, crispy-based delight, boasting locally-sourced ingredients and our special homemade sauce.


No disrespect to the democracy sanga, but sometimes you just need a little more dynamism from your dog, and our three legendary offerings offer exactly that. Be it the elegant simplicity of the Vienna Dog, the spicy Kransky and tzatziki of the Manny’s Dog or the capsicum, mushrooms and American cheese of the Philly Dog, our hot dogs are made fresh to order, including the special sauce of your choice.